Tummel Bridge Hydro-electric Power Station

Whilst in Scotland I spent a couple of hours walking up to the aqueduct carrying water for the Tummel bridge hydro-electric power station. The walk took a couple of hours and lead through coniferous woodland highlighted with broom flowers in June.

I walked up there in the early evening and although it was overcast, it was a very pleasant walk. Once you reach the aqueduct, it is a wonderfully still place, very peaceful. The aqueduct supplies water from the Dunalastair reservoir (fed from Loch Rannoch) to the Tummel bridge power station, which discharges into Loch Tummel. The water was slow moving when I was there, but the speed can change abruptly, dependent on the electricity demand on the power station.

 Tummel Bridge Aqueduct

The aqueduct can be seen through the trees disappearing off into the distance. The water is delivered to the power station through large pipes which can be seen behind the power station building below. The power station is owned and operated by SSE and provides power to the UK National grid. This hydro-electric power station was built in 1933 to supply energy to the local area and relies on rainwater from around 1800 square km of land in the form of the Grampian mountains to keep is fed with water.

Tummel Bridge Hydro-electric power station

The building is an excellent example of 1930’s architecture, and shows an imposing frontage from the other side of the river

More information about hydro-electric power can be found at www.greenenergytrail.co.uk.

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