Trollbead Bead holder

Finished and hallmarked bead holder

This is a classic case of when life gives you lemons, make lemonaide! The project started making a key in sterling silever, I intended to cuttlefish cast the antique key. However the casting was incomplete and only gave me a small section of the key I wanted.

Ading a small hanging loop, the key can be changed into a pendant. Here a loop is added then polished to allow a bead to be put between the arms of the holder. With a little texturing, this looks very attractive

Bead and hanger coming together

The finished bead holder looks great with a Trollbead set in the arms of the bead holder. The arms can just be gently bent, and the bead slid out and another put in. The bead holder is fully hallmarked to comply with the UK law on precious metals.

The piece is available in our Etsy store.

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