Sterling Silver Victorian Knot Button Pendant

When starting out with the casting of objects in sterling silver, I was looking for something small to practice on. I found a Victorian knot button, about 2.3cm diameter, which I thought would make a good pendant. This has a nice solid look, hanging beautifully on a silver chain.

Using the delft clay casting process I cast the it in sterling silver, then added a heavy bail to the top of the button with half-round heavy silver wire. This forms a perfect hanging loop for the silver chain

This piece is not light, and weighs over 17 grams making it a lovely heavy piece to wear. This was then hallmarked at the Assay office with a full UK hallmark for 2017 to guarantee the purity of the silver, as all silver pieces over 7g need to be hallmarked, by law,  to make them legal to sell. This can clearly be seen on the back of the finished piece below

The pendant can now be found in our Etsy Store.

Sterling silver cast pendant

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