Fox head pendants

Silver Fox Pendants

The silver fox pendants are handmade through the lost wax casting process. Each pendant is finished individually. The idea came from watching a fox on my lawn, and thinking the face of the fox would make a lovely pendant. I made the original from copper, nice and thick to make a solid heavy piece of jewellery. I prefer working in metal to make the masters instead of directly carving a wax as I have more control over the finish. Perhaps I need more practice with wax!

I used the original copper pendant to make a silicon rubber mold, from which I make waxes for the casting process, more about that on another post! The waxes are sprued, 4 to a casting flask. Once cast in silver, the fox heads look black and unlike the fininshed piece of jewellery. 

Freshly cast fox heads in silver
Four fox heads, straight from the casting flask

Each fox head is now sawn from the sprue and the long process of finishing can begin. Additionally, a small bail is soldered on the back of the pieces to  take a chain, making it into a pendant. Some of the pendants are polished, some are finished with a texture to resemble fur. I have also put eyes in some, and even mounted facetted cut stones in others for eyes, anything from yellow saphire fires to orange fire opals.

FInished fox head pendant on a chain. Solid sterling silver

We have a number of pieces of handmade jewellery in our etsy shop,  Etsy store. If you don’t see the exact piece, please contact me through the store, as pieces are one-off, it may have sold, but there are equally beautiful pieces becoming available all the time.

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