Silver and Deer Antler Pendant / Talisman

I made some silver and deer antler pendants from some shed deer antler, making a number of pendants / talismans and hairpins (more on that later). The first one I made was a simple cap mounted piece of antler forming quiet an attractive pendant on either a silver chain or a black cord – wearers preference!

Silver and deer antler pendant

The piece of antler is huge at over 5.5cm long making this a real statement piece, and the mounting makes the most of the natural growth at the front of the piece. The mounting is a sterling silver cap, made to fit the antler piece snugly and from which a fancy crimped bail allows the chain to hang via a large bolt ring.

The silver has been polished to contrast to the nicely marked antler piece, and the full UK hallmark, done independently by the UK Assay office, can be seen in the pictures attesting to quality of the silver used as solid sterling silver.

The piece is now available as a one-off in our Etsy Store. There will be other versions there eventually (until I run out of antler!), but each piece will be different.

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