Deer Antler Jewellery

Shed deer entler makes wonderful jewellery when mounted in silver, anything from pendants to hairpins. When I manage to get hold of shed deer antler I love making it into jewellery.  Whether I’m making a pendant or a hairpin, the antler has to be cut to a suitable length, uually 1 or 2 ponts per piece, then a silver cap has to be made. furthermore, I make all my fittings by hand from start to finish. All silver is solid sterling silver, the heavier pieces being fully UK hallmarked

Deer antler hairpin in solid sterling silver. The twisted silver grips the hair better.
Deer Antler 2-pronged Hairpin – The twists hold it firmly in the hair

The silver cap can me made plain, etched or even mounted with a stone, but needs to be a tight fit on the piece of antler. The cap just slides on tightly, as the final fixing will either be with glue or a silver pin. However, before this can be fitted, the main hairpin or bail for the pendant needs to be made and soldered onto the cap.

Silver cap for a piece of antler
Piece of antler and silver cap

I finished this piece a hairpin, the prongs being made from 2mm square section wire, hand rolled especially for the piece. Putting twists in the prongs allows them to grip the hair firmly.

Deer antler, cap and prongs ready for a hairpin.
Pins fitted to the cap for a hairpin

Once I fit the prings, the whole hairpin can be assembled. The hairpin looks lovely worn as a statement piece in long hair or a bun, and is especially beautiful as part of a wedding outfit, where a one-off, handmade hairpin can make a real statement!

Hairpin in a wound bun
hairpin in a wound bun.

We have a number of pieces of handmade deer antler jewellery in our etsy shop,  Etsy store. If you don’t see the exact piece, please contact me through the store, as pieces are one-off, it may have sold, but there are equally beautiful pieces becoming available all the time.

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