Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver Pendant

I’ve had a piece of rose quartz for a number of years now, and finally decided I should mount it into a pendant. I wanted a minimalist look with the rose quartz being shown to its best effect on a silver chain. The piece is irregular, but has two polished faces. Once mounted it looks great.

I started making a simple wire frame to fit just inside the back of the piece. Silver wire is bent to follow the shape of the quartz. When I was happy with the simple wire support frame, I added on wires for the pins / claws to hold the quartz onto the frame. All the wire is 925 sterling silver wire, silver soldered together. The soldering isĀ  tricky, as thin wires could melt if you get a little careless.

With the wires soldered in place, the claws could be cut to length and shaped to hold the stone before being given a final polish.

The finished piece looks stunning as a light rose coloured stone on a dark background. Very simple, but very effective when worn. Once completed, I had the pendant fully hallmarked at the UK Assay office to assure the quality of the silver wire used in the piece. The hallmark, is on the back of the wire at the bottom left below. The finished one-off piece can be found in our Etsy Store.

Hallmarked piece

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