Purple CZ Necklace in Sterling Silver

This wonderfully delicate piece was handmade for 3 beautiful purple / blue cushion cut cubic zirconia (CZ) stones. The mounts were handmade from wire with each of the claws attached individually to allow the stones to be mounted.

The initial stone, was a single large CZ, which I made a mount for and attached claws to the setting to give a sterling silver surround to the stone.

Whilst this looks nice as a solitaire stone, adding another 2 slightly smaller CZ’s to the mix gives a much more interesting one of a kind piece which stands out when worn. The settings were made for the other 2 stones, and mounting points were added to allow the 3 pieces to be put together into a ‘Y’ shape which would hand naturally around the neck.

The 3 pieces were joined up with a solid link, holding them at a set distance and displaying them perfectly when the chain was added.

Once again, this piece was fully hallmarked independently by the UK Assay office as shown in the pictures, and is available as a one-off in our ETSY Store

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