Materhorn sunset pendant

Matterhorn Sunset Silver Pendant

I spend a lot of time in Switzerland, and I particularly likeĀ  visiting Zermatt and walking in the mountains around the Matterhorn. With this as inspiration, I decided to make a pendant which shows the Matterhorn and has a citrine as the sun setting over the mountain. The results I called the Matterhorn Sunset silver pendant, as the silver is manufactured from ‘925’ sterling silver. Highly polished, the piece looks good on either a thin chain or a black necklace.

Start of Matterhorn Sunset Pendant

The whole piece is handmade, the outer is made from Sterling silver wire, with the shape of the Matterhorn cut from silver sheet and soldered onto the back of the frame. Before soldering, the outline of the mountain has details engraved on it to highlight the shape and top of the mountain where the snow usually lies.

Finished silver pendant

A small cab mount was also made for a 4mm citrine cab stone, and this was soldered to the from of the round frame giving the effect of the sun setting over the Matterhorn. Additionally, the pendant has a textured mounting ring added to the top of the frame to hang it on a chain.

The resulting pendant is a delicate piece depicting the mountain.

The piece is available in our Etsy store.

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