Silverwire cross

Making a silver cross

Not everything I make is cast from wax masters. This cross is made from 2mm square section wire which is hand rolled from a cast ingot to the correct size. Making crosses this way is time connsuming, but I feel it’s worth it. As each piece is individual and handmade, no two crosses are the same.

Once the wire fits together snugly with the notches cut to give a smooth join, it can be soldered permanently with hard silver solder. I also fit a ring on the top to allow it to hang from a chain as a pendant.

Finished Solid silver cross

Some of the crosses in the store have stones mounted on them, sometimes small round cabs, and sometimes facetted stones. In addition, we have a number of pieces of handmade jewellery in our etsy shop,  Etsy store. If you don’t see the exact piece, please contact me through the store, as pieces are one-off, it may have sold, but there are equally beautiful pieces becoming available all the time.

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