Train carriage

Getting to Zermatt

With Zermatt being a car free zone, its not possible to drive directly to Zermatt and just park up. The main route into the town is via a train track. You can either join the train at one of the main stations, such as Brig or Visp, or if you prefer, you can drive up the valley and park in one of the large car parks at Tasch. I prefer to drive up the valley and park at the Tasch railway station, where I can join one of the shuttle trains up to Zermatt.

Road up the Valley

The drive up the valley is amazing, especially on a spring day with snow on the mountains. The road is easily drivable, but it is a little narrow in places if you are not used to mountain routes. However, scenery is stunning as you drive up, passing through a number of small villages as the road winds it’s way up the valley. If you join the train at the bottom of the valley, you are in for a treat as the train winds its way up towards Zermatt, passing throuh villages and crossin the river a number of times.

The train stops occasionally to pick up the ‘cog’, a toothed rail in the middle of the track to help with the adhesion on the steep sections. The track is alongisde the road for a lot of the ride, with sections passing through avelanche shelters which protect the trains from snow and rock falls.

Once you reach Tasch, if you have arrived by car, you will have to join the train for the final section of the journey. The trains are frequent and very comfortable. The carriages even have windows in the slope of the roof to allow a better view of the mountains.

Typical train carriage
Train to Zermatt

The views from the train are breathtaking. Certainly on the section from Tasch to zermatt, if you face the direction of travel, you need to be on the left of the carriage for the better views.

View up the valley
The train crosses the river a number of times on the journey.

I hope you enjoy your trip up to Zermatt is you manage to get there, it’s well worth a visit if you are in Switzerland.

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