Edradour Distillery

If you’re interested in a very good Whiskey tour and tasting, you could do worse than visiting the Edradour distillery, nestled in the hills above Pitlochry in Scotland. The distillery current boasts being the smallest distillery in Scotland, although they are expanding this year so that may not always be the case. The entrance looks picturesque, and as you enter the distillery you feel you are both stepping back in time and into a small, quaint village, with white painted buildings along a small street, with a small stream flowing down through the center of it which is where the water for the cooling of the stills comes from, and, much higher in the hills, is the source of the water for the whiskey.


Whilst the outsides of the buildings look traditional and quaint, the inside’s are fully refurbished, with an excellent shop and bar / cafe. If you buy a cup of tea, you even get the souvenir mug free. The tours of the distillery are run by knowledgeable guides who explain what is happening in each room, and photography is allowed throughout the tour, although no flash allowed in the store buildings as the air is heavy with vapour from the maturing whiskey. The tour started with a tasting of the product and a short video explaining the process in the visitors center, before moving off around the distillery.

The processes are all carried out in the white buildings which you pass through on the tour looking at the various parts of the operation.

The tour covers all aspects of the process from the initial brewing through distillation in the fantastic copper stills, the final spirit coming out into the locked spirit safe before being barrelled for maturation.

Edradour distillery copper stills

The tour even included a trip into the maturation building where barrel upon barrel of whiskey could be seen stacked up until they are ready.

The tour ends back in the cafe where you can buy samples of the whiskeys produced, before heading down to the well stocked shop where all the different ages and whiskeys produced on site are available.

A very good tour, very informative. I’ve been around before, and I always drop by when in the area to pick up some bottles of their whiskeys.

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