Cast Silver Sharks tooth pendant

I have been having some fun with casting, and this project was to cast a silver sharks tooth from a sand tiger shark fossil. I’ve shown the original tooth below. The casting was done with the delft clay casting system, where the tooth is packed in sand to create a mould, into which the silver is poured when the tooth is removed. The photo at the side of the tooth shows the mould after the silver has been poured into it showing the silver ‘button’ at the top of the mould.

Fossil Sharks tooth

Once the silver has cooled, the mould can be broken open and the cast silver tooth removed. The silver is rough and unpolished at this stage, but can be polished once rings have been added to allow the tooth to hang on a chain or cord. The piece is over 3cm long and weighs over 12 grams making this a lovely chunky pendant for anyone.

This tooth has had the enamel part of the tooth polished, and the bone section that usually fits into the jaw of the shark left mat finish. This gives a nice contrast between the two areas on the tooth. A pair of rings have been added to give two contact points for hanging the piece. The back of the tooth is rough, as on the original, taking the characteristics of the fossil

Hallamrked silver sharks tooth

The piece was sent to the UK Assay office for independent hallmarking to assure the quality of the silver used in the casting, and is fully hallmarked. This is a legal requirement in the UK for silver items over 7g in weight before they can be sold.

 The piece is now available in our Etsy Store. There will be others available in the future, but each one is hand cast and different from each other.


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